Affecting Photographies, edited journal issue

Photography and Culture, Special Issue, Nov 2009

This was a special issue of the journal Photography and Culture, edited by seminar members Thy Phu and Linda M. Steer, that addressed the historical and theoretical relationship between photography and affect.

Table of Contents
Thy Phu and Linda M. Steer

“Archive and Affect in Contemporary Photography”
Sarah Bassnett

“De Meyer at Vogue: Commercializing Queer Affect in First World War-era Fashion Photography”
Elspeth H. Brown

“Citizenship, Diaspora and the Bonds of Affect: The Passport Photograph”
Lily Cho

“Sontag’s Lament: Emotion, Ethics, and Photography”
Sarah Parsons

“On Photographic Violence”
Sharon Sliwinski

Review Essay
“A Rupture in the Field of Representation: Animals, Photography and Affect”
Matthew Brower

Review Essay
“The Performative Force of Photography”
Laura Levin

The Archive
“Cumulative Affect: Museum Collections Photography, and Studio Portraiture”
Deepali Dewan and Sophie Hackett