Retracing America: Modernism After Paul Strand

A two-day international conference dedicated to rethinking our current histories of American modernism through the work and legacy of Paul Strand, Retracing America: Modernism After Paul Strand begins March 8th, 2013 with a rare screening of Leo Hurwitz and Paul Strand’s 1942 film, Native Land, depicting the struggle of trade unions against union-busting corporations, their spies and contractors. On March 9, 2013 (9:30am-6:00pm), a one-day symposium will feature speakers Blake Stimson, Caroline Blinder, Mark Crinson, Devin Fore, Andrew Hemingway, Jason Hill, M. Antonella Pelizzari, Milena Michalski, Jorge Ribalta, and Terri Weissman.

Visit the Retracing America website for more information.

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