The Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies (DCAPS) brings together academics with research interests in the photographic image at and beyond Durham University.

Established in 2005, it aims to forge regional, national and international links with researchers, practitioners, curators and others with shared interests in photography.

DCAPS runs a regular programme of seminars, workshops and a major biennial international conference.


Developing Room

The Developing Room is a working group that was co-founded by Tanya Sheehan and Andres Zervigón in 2008. They are affiliated with the Center for Cultural Analysis at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. By organizing research seminars, symposia, and publications, the Developing Room has brought together faculty and students from the university and area institutions to explore new questions about the histories, theories, and practices of photography. To date their major research areas have included photography and medicine; photography and radical politics; global photography and its histories; and the origins of photography. They are committed to promoting Rutgers as a center for photography studies and collaborating with photography networks across the globe.


Photographic Memory Workshop

The Photographic Memory Workshop (PMW) is a working group that originally consisted of a small group of graduate students and faculty from American Studies and African American Studies who wanted to examine the intersections between photography and memory. Now, the group has Yale faculty, staff and student members from a range of academic disciplines and institutions, including Art History, English, History, Architecture, Theater and Performance, Medicine, Psychology, Law, the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, the Yale University Art Gallery, the Yale Center for British Art, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The PMW is now in its 12th year, and continues to be led by Professor Laura Wexler.

Contact: Laura Wexler, Yale University

Australasian Photography Research Network

The Australasian Photography Research Network (APRN) brings together scholars in the region who are dedicated to the history and theory of photography. This community of scholars promotes an interactive research culture through collaboration, the sharing of ideas and resources, and the exchange of information. Originally developed by Co-founders Geoffrey Batchen and Melissa Miles to enhance the research environment for scholars of photography in Australasia, the APRN is also actively engaged with researchers in the field around the world. Members contribute to the history and theory of photography through a range of innovative curatorial, teaching and research practices.

Contact: Melissa Miles, Monash University,; Geoffrey Batchen, Victoria University of Wellington,

Depth of Field, Dutch Photography Working Group

The Dutch Photography Working Group brings together academics and professionals to exchange ideas related to photojournalism, documentary photography, art, and photographic theory. They acknowledge an increasing cultural interest in the study of photographs and they hope to contribute to a growing understanding of the possibilities of research with, on, and by photography. Consequently, they want to establish regional, national and international links with researchers, practitioners, curators, institutions and those working on various aspects of visual media.

Their goals are to establish a regular monthly agenda of workshops/seminars to strengthen scholarly debate, to provide links to further readings and discussions, as well as generate publication and exhibition opportunities. They also aim at developing international partnerships between institutions and individuals doing research on photography and at bringing in renowned scholars working in the field.

Contact: Marta Zarzycka, Utrecht University,; Martijn Kleppe, Erasmus University,

History and Theory of Photography Research Centre

Formally established in 2012, the History and Theory of Photography Research Centre is based in Birkbeck’s School of Arts, and is led by Professor Lynda Nead and Dr Patrizia Di Bello, supported by a steering committee. The Centre has links with museums in London, and supports teaching and research on photography in the School through the MA in History of Art with Photography and MPhil-PhD supervision.

The Centre aims to facilitate, exchange and showcase existing and new interdisciplinary research on the History and Theory of Photography at Birkbeck and in the wider photographic and academic community. We recognizes that photography is a medium that is at once art, science, commerce, legal or historical evidence, emotional memento, (and many more things besides). We are interested in the materiality of photography throughout the arc of its life – from how it is taken; realized as a tactile as well as visual object (album, print, poster, book, magazine, file, screen…); circulated in contexts that might differ widely throughout the lifetime of the photograph (for example from document – historical, legal, scientific, or personal – to ‘art’); and viewed in specific ideological, historical and material circumstances (in the lab, at home, in the gallery, on the ‘phone, …).

We are committed to working collaboratively and with a range of outputs: reading groups; seminars; conferences; and collaborations with participating Museums and Institutions.